Chaser (kehn_shorah) wrote in egl,

fashion designs (part one?)

hah! yet another art post. *jumps on the bandwagon, armed with a broom to bat away irritated community members...*

not too many this time, but more to come (eventually....)

(click the images to enlarge ^_^)

a jsk design i did, shown in three different fabrics to demonstrate the flexibility of style. ^_^ i'm eventually going to make this one for myself in the grey pinstripe, with some lace or fishnet as the over skirt.

a simple self portrait done in another dress i plan on making. it's simple, almost like an apron, that can be tied over various under skirts and blouses. probably princess seams and circle skirt for extra flounce. >:3

i have a few more sketches of outfits i've actually made in the works (as i got too lazy to do refined drawings and jumped straight to the sewing stage X3) that i will post after i've finished the drawings and taken photos of the outfits.


i guess a lot of my work could be considered more "lolita-inspired" rather than actual lolita, because if you asked me to put it into a loli category (sweet, egl, punk etc.) i definitely couldn't. O_o; (but i draw most of my influences from punk and goth, i can tell you that much .-.)

thanks for looking!
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