Mariana (opealicinme) wrote in egl,

Problems with Body Line GO

It's my first post here and I'm really nervous, so sorry about my bad english.

Girls, anyone had problems with the Internal Revenue Service of your countries? I'm from Brazil and they keep the pack and DON'T WILL KEEP IT ANYWAY! The "owner" of the order traveled to São Paulo to try to free it, but they said it is for seeling, not personal... when she asked about paying some taxe to free it [something about 120% the price declared!!!!] they said it is not possible and we have to look for a lawer to help us.

The pack has 700 dolares of skirts, dresses, shoes and bags... we are all very desperate about it, if anyone knows how to help us, please do it! =/

Sorry again about my bad english, but my hands don't stop shaking since I've heard it. =/

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