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Lolita Valentine Card

Since some people have shared their valentines, I thought I'd like to show mine as well. I was so eager to finish, it took me three days of a lot of work, so it became a little art project for me.
It's a bit image heavy.

Now, I 'd like to point out that I don't normally do stuff like this. cx I kinda just...winged everything, haha. This is also the first time in a LONG time that I broke out the inking pens and coloured pencils.

I don't have pictures, but the envelope started as just a standard plain white one, and the card was just plain dark red.

Finally, this was my first time using a digital camera (so behind on the times), so I'm sorry if some pictures look a bit too dark or blurry! ;;;;;

Enough of my excuses, onto the photos. xD

Front of the envelope  All the red hearts (non sticker ones) are glittery.


Close-up of the picture  I uploaded the sketch of this one in an art post a long time ago, if anyone recognizes.


Back of Envelope Again, the red hearts are glittery c:


The VERY BUSY cover of the actual valentine. ;; Eat me, Drink me label/tag; It was the first idea to come to mind when thinking how to decorate this. The other side has 'to' and 'from' label. Did you spot the words writen around the edges of the card?


Close up! I'm not quite sure how the kodona/ouji turned out as fem as the lolita, haha. Also; matching eye patches! Originally they also had opposite arms in slings, but I didn't think having a broken arm would be the greatest condition to be in on V Day. xD


Back Design-wise, it's completely different from the rest of the card, OTL. I planned on making the whole thing more dark like this, but it turned out my valentine was into the sweet side of rori, so I had to change plans. More border text!


Inside full! Now, if you remember, this was originally just a plain red card. I cut out a sheet of transparent heart paper and glued in on top. Unfortunately my glue decided to vomit everywhere ;; which is why there are some splotches here and there from the card getting too wet. Also, BONUS POINTS if you noticed the heart doiley I managed to sqeeze in between the card and the transparent paper. GLITTER EVERYWHERE.


Picture close ups This one is a better quality, but taken a bit too much to the side.

This one is from the front, but shoddy quality. ;; Technology hates me.


The only thing I really REALLY don't like about it is that the only text was pretty much "Happy Valentines Day". I wish I remembered to add a personal note, or just something less plain. ;; Or at least asked her to tell me when she recieved it. (I imagine she has by now, since we live in the same state and I sent it out a week ago) LET'SHOPE, haha. ;;

Anyway, I hope you liked it. <3
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