Kammie (mintymix) wrote in egl,

I went to Mardi Gras in lolita :o

Happy Mardi Gras egl
well, it was yesterday actually xD  here are my pictures from Fat Tuesday

I dressed in deco-loli :D
hair and make-up close up:

full body

We went to the Krewe of St. Anne parade, which is an informal walking parade that the locals put together to showcase their amazing costumes. Some people who wore handmade outfits worked on their costumes for a whole year to wear on this day!

My aunt dressed in deco-loli too! It was her first time in lolita =) She came over when we were about to leave and we quickly put together a coordinate for her. We almost twinned in macaron JSKs but she liked the blue polka dot JSK better xD

a puppy on a French Quarter balcony

He named us the Hello Kitties xD

me and some lovlies


minne mouse hair xDD

gorgeous *O*

A band passing us. lol i love the pink guy stealing a photo

another pic of the crowd



and then we met up with Ashley :D ( ashmatic  )
this was her first time in lolita too! shes adorable ♥ ♥

and then we saw Austin Powers

And a cotton candy lady *O* LOVE the hair ♥

This guy recognised that we were in lolita, and said that he was lolita too xDDDDDDDD
Me and Ashley called him The Sissy

this pic is a gift for all the people who have Aretha's hat in their LJ icon hehe

she was so pretty

And heres 2 pictures of floats that my dad took. This was the Rex parade, it was at the end of the Krewe of St. Anne parade route

Crawfish attaaaaaaack !

A lovely victorian couple


I was really surprised at the amount of people who recognised the lolita style! Someone told me to come back next year and bring 12 more lolitas to walk in the parade xD But really if anyone would like to meet up next year for this parade let me know =) Our New Orleans lolita comm is right here . :D I hope everyone enjoyed these photos ♥</lj>

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