snoos_the_moose (snoos_the_moose) wrote in egl,

Shoe sizing question

this may be a realllly stupid question, but i am a bit confused as of how to work out what size shoe i am.

i know that you should measure by cm's so i did, mine is  25.5 but when you buy shoes should you buy ones that say 25.5 or ones that say 26 so you have that extra 5 mm?  i am pretty sure i would be a size LL if i fitted any at all.

im usualy a 9.5 - 10 australian, and i had kind of given up hope of ever fitting into shoes that only go up to a LL, i really want tea party replicas but i do not know if they would fit me.

who buys ones that are exactly their length? are they snug or just right?

sorry for rambling, any help would be really apreciated

delete if not alowed


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