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Lolita Wedding Shower

My wedding is coming up on Pi Day, and so, this last weekend, my best friend flew down to Atlanta from Virginia to throw me a shower. She's not a lolita, but she understands the fashion. She planned about the most lolita wedding shower that a non-lolita could possible plan. I totally forgot to take pictures of all of the pretty food, but it was a lovely spread of "lady food" on heirloom serving pieces on the background of a formal dining room table.

I'm posting this to the community because I think it's fun to see lolitas doing traditional things, and I also think one of the party games we played would be ridiculously fun to play at a lolita meet-up.

I think all of the lolitas who came, including myself, were trying to wear lolita outfits that were a bit more mature looking than what we might wear to a meet-up. I think some people might be able to use this post for ideas of how to dress lolita in a way that is more socially acceptable for non-lolita occasions. All of the older ladies at the shower thought we were all great.

It's me! There's really not any good "outfit" pictures of me.

Here's novalis_b with her awesome fruits outfit and amazingly amazing pink shoes. They were quite the conversation piece! She's also one of my bridesmaids.

Cute, yes? Gotta love that strawberry pin she made.

Here's emiko looking very sweet. She's another one of my bridesmaids.

She's tricky though! She'll getcha!

Here's bunnyko looking darkly conservative.

I love her with red hair!

Here's my friend Courtney. She doesn't have an lj, so she doesn't get a username link! She's not a lolita either, obviously.

Courtney organized a bunch of games, and here you can see bunnyko, emiko and novalis_b participating.

The best game was "Tissue Paper Bride". We pulled names out of a bag to choose teams, and then each team got 15 minutes to make a bridal dress with only tape and tissue paper. No scissors or anything else were allowed.

This is Team Living Room! It consisted of bunnyko, emiko and scary_mary, Courtney's sister Melanie, and my Mom.

This is Team Home Office! It consisted of novalis_b and all of the older ladies at the shower.

Here you can see Team Living Room starting to work on scary_mary's dress!

Here you can see Team Home Office attacking novalis_b with tissue paper!

Then there had to be a fashion show...

Here's Team Living Room with their design.

And, here's Team Home Office with their design.

Aren't these great?

In the end, Team Living Room won the day, and Team Home Office were somewhat graceful losers...

Then it was time for gifties!

All in all, the shower was really fun. It went so well that one of my mom's friends who came said it was the best shower she had ever been to! It was probably the best one I've been to as well. ^__^
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