bhl88 (bhl88) wrote in egl,

Kodona help

 I'm looking for kodona things and so far I found 4 things... (do I need 4 or 6 things?)

(It seems I am unable to get pictures, it loads slowly)

(Meta School Pants: Here come our half length pants from our popular school series!! These are adjustable length with button short to medium long length. You can coordinate them as casual or kodona style, too!! Informed that this will be available at August, Japan Fashion Week)

(Victorian Maiden black beret: Still available)

(Black Peace Now: White Shirt)

(Sinh h.NAOTO Big Giant Boots CSP2-E514 BK-GY/MM)

What's the black shirt outside of the white shirt in Miwitch 5th link

(Leg warmers: Cancelled)

I need help in looking for good parts in the others (going to Harajuku around December but I need to buy them soon [if I have the money])
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