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I don't actually believe it

Every single Sugary Carnival item on the AP english website is gone. NOTHING is left.

It's been less than a day since the SC dresses came into stock.

How the hell do you guys manage to buy your things from the AP english site! It's rediculous that you'd have to sit infront of the computer for the whole day and hope by chance that Angelic Pretty will update it with new items that you can quickly nab before they're all gone.

It's such a nerve wracking wait and I am so pissed that I couldn't get one of the SC dresses, seeing as I passed up teh opportunity to get a Miracle Candy dress.

Did any of you manage to get one?
What are your opinions on the way that the English site is run?

Edit: lemme edit this slightly, so i dont sound so rude.
I'm not ranting at you, I'm ranting with you. I am one of those people who sits there and refreshes the website hoping something new will come up and whats worse is the only time I don't have a computer to do that with is when I'm in school and it just happened to be while I'm at school that the dresses came into stock...
 I am sooo using shopping services...


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