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Classic Rori Day~

We always wanted a Classic Rori only meet (because it needs more luv!) and last weekend we finally gathered at the Novus Cafe @ National Museum for one. Unfortunately, being a lazy lot on a rainy Saturday afternoon, we didn't take any photos at the cafe. But we had mint tea and cookies/pie and gossip! Very classic, lol.

And after we convened to Black Alice and we managed to take some individual shots there intead, yay!

sassystrawberry is wearing:
Blouse: Moi Meme Moite
Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Parasol, Headdress, Bag, Choker: BTSSB

gothiquelolita is wearing:
OP: Mary Magdalene
Headdress: BTSSB
Socks, shoes: Offbrand

aserett is wearing:
Blouse: Mary Magdalene
Skirt: Victorian Maiden
Headdress: Moi Meme Moitie
Socks: BTSSB

blue_meddy is wearing:
OP: Victorian Maiden
Socks, Parasol: AatP
Necklace: Paris Kids
Shoes: Offbrand

yueqian is wearing:
Jsk: Victorian Maiden
Brooch: Victorian Maiden
Headdress: Made by Aserett!
Shoes: Bata
Shoe Clips: BTSSB

raydance is wearing:
OP: Mary Magdalene
Hair accessory, Tights, RHS: 0ffbrand

ivoryfox is wearing:
OP: Mary Magdalene
Bracelet: Paris Kids
Headdress, Shoes: Offbrand
Shoe clips: BTSSB


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