Raven (brokendolly16) wrote in egl,

Cheap accessories

So I know someone posted about Claires possibly going out of business.  I stopped by one today, they were having a HUGE sale and I stocked up on a bunch of stuff...its definately worth going even if its cheap crap.  Basically, everything was dirt cheap.  Almost anything originally priced under $10 was $1 and anything originally priced above the was 75% off the lowest ticketed price.  So like almost all of their rings, earrings, necklaces, and hair stuff was just $1.  All winter accessories (hats, gloves, legwarmers, scarves) were $3. I know its not all lolita but I got a ton of bow shaped stuff and loli-able hair things as well as tons of stuff that would be cute for decora.  Should definately check it out...

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