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Storybook Photoshoot Concept Sketches

Hello EGL!

Here are just some sketches I've been doing, for a shoot the Lethbridge lolitas plan to do in the summer when we're all back together.

The Story we're going for is about an Evil Queen who inherits a throne, and her servants who are trying to poison her.

This is the first one I did, and the one that is actually physically unfinished. There are a lot of "ghost lines" on this one which are actually pencil, including the fishnet tights, so those will be erased and replaced. I can't think of this picture as being "me" because this was when I was thinking of just doing concept sketches for us to plan out how we want the pictures to look. I would have drawn her face much differently if it had been me, so when I talk about this picture, I say "her".

I wanted a "wicked queen" and so I actually drew her face and the body immediately in ballpoint pen, before I started going "Wait, I'm going to screw this up if I don't use pencil", and halfway through I ended up not finishing it.. No reference used on this picture (and it shows, lol)

pinkwigs is wearing:
Overdress: Antique Beast
Skirt: Unknown
Shoes: Offbrand
Scepter: Handmade
Crown: Offbrand

Here's Servant #1, Bronwen! Her teapot is holding something that suspiciously enough, doesn't taste like tea,

This scan makes me really sad because the real copy of this is dark, and has thick, bold lines, as opposed to these "Breathy" strokes that you can see here. I like this one a lot even if the anatomy is off, and this is where the pictures stopped being just "people in our clothes who resemble us" and started becoming pictures of us. Looking now, I think Bronwen should wear a headdress for this shoot, though it's normally impossible to get her in one! No reference was used on this picture.

bebeonmars is wearing
Blouse: Antique Beast
Skirt: Antique Beast
Gloves: Offbrand

And servant #2! Robin! That apple has a bit of a funny taste to it as well...

This one is by far my favourite, but again these are all such crappy scans that I wish I could show you the real ones. I am worried that I saved over the final copy and I really don't want to spend another hour editing, so here it is. I am really proud to say that I didn't use a reference at all on this aside from her face, so the hand position with the crossed fingers and the poisoned apple may be not anatomically correct. I don't own this skirt and so I had to do it by memory, so it also may not be correct.

ellorgast is wearing:
Blouse: Antique Beast
Underdress: Victorian Maiden
Headdress: Antique Beast
Gloves: Offbrand
POISONED Apple: Jesus Diamante

This was my first time drawing a picture in over a year, and so I'm really happy that I've started drawing again. I really hope you like them, even though they're not exactly "conventional lolita"  :)
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