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To Celga users,

Have any of you been miss charged be Celga? and what was the key to resolving the dispute?

I ordered seven items, one was out of stock. I paid the down payment for all the items, expecting an adjustment later on if some items couldn't be bought. So, it wasn't until I received a shipping invoice a month later, with no adjustments, I realized something had gone wrong.

Through, email correspondence with Celga, I learned that I had not been charged with the 7th item.  Instead, it looks like I've been charged tax twice on two of the items.

The discrepancy comes to play with the cost of the items displayed on my My Bids page being different from what they used to charge me.  They've told me the prices that they've used, but there is no way to verify. The items are no longer listed on the e-shop and Celga stopped replying to my emails once I've asked them for a copy of their bill directly from the store.

And now I'm stuck.  Below is an outline of the correspondences.

1/6:   Signed up for Celga, made an order from Webshop, payed the down payment via paypal
1/7:   Order was placed, 6/7 items were bought.  One item was out of stock. :(
1/23: Some arrived at Cegla
1/26: Rest of the items arrived at Cegla (I can't believe it took this long to get the items. I've bought directly from Japan before and it took less time, though it was a different Loli store.  Nor do I see why there where two packages...  but whatever)

2/6:  I finally realize my items are in stock at Celga and request shipping information.  (I can't believe they don't send an email out....)

I get my shipping information and notice the cost being rather high.  I had thought that it should be lower, expecting a deduction for the item that was out of stock, or mention elsewhere that it'd be getting a separate refund. 

2/6:  I email Celga for an itemized billing list.  
2/6:  Celga emails me back with instructions on how to access the PDF copy of the first payment I made.
2/6:  For some reason I never noticed that there was a PDF receipt attached to their inital invoice, and still can't find it.  So, I ask for it again.
2/8:  Celga kindly humors me and resends the initial bill

Now, on Celga's itemized bill.  Only the fees are itemized. Not the individual purchased items.

2/10:  I notice that there is a discrepancy between the total for the items purchased (not including the fees) and what's listed on the Celga My Bid page.  So, I email them asking how they reached that number.  Also, in this email, I lay out the math of how I reached my conclusion of a different price, showing explicitly how I was charges and extra $14.24

2/10:  Celga responds with a list of items and prices, which do add up to their total.  But still has a discrepancy with the original prices listed in the My Bid page.

2/11:  I send a email asking why the prices are different between the original order and the prices used in the invoice.

(Hear the crickets chirping)
(Also, there is a weekend, so I expect a little more time to go by)

2/17:  I send another email.  Asking to see the billing invoice directly from the online store I ordered from.  I see that as being the simplest way to solve the dispute.

(Still waiting)


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