okanmuri (okanmuri) wrote in egl,

Gothic & Lolita Bible scan request! (moreso for translation, W/ Text for translation!)

I'm looking for a picture/ pattern of Kana in a long dress/ overskirt with a corset... in GLB vol. 16 (pg.34) They have it in my sister's GLB Extra #2... But I'm not to certain on which piece is which... Anyways, if anyone could please scan it for me and maybe a translation of the directions.(???? :'D) I want to do this right the first time~ And dress in male Aristocrat more!
[EDIT:] Directions scan- I handwrote this myself, took forever, but I hope you guys can read it... and eventually translate... Which I shall put as a link because it will most likely blow up the page.

Thank you!!

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