momosugarhime (momoco) wrote in egl,

Vancouver Lolita MeetUp... soon!

hullo there, vancouver lolitas~

my birthday is this monday, and I'm turning 18! so i want to do a lolita birthday party in the next few weeks, if that's okay~ ♥ if anything, i'd prefer a Saturday or Sunday, but i want to see what everyone else is capable of ♥ in march, though!

though i don't know the date that we'll do it on yet, i do know what i'd like to do! There's a new bubble tea store called Panda Pearl on Nanimo and E. Hastings (don't worry, it's not scary or anything) and I really love it there ♥ my boyfriend is one of the people in charge there, and he had his birthday party at Panda Pearl in January, it was a lot of fun. pretty much, we get all you can eat bbt, pizza, and cake for a set price: at my boyfriends, it was $10. Because I know the staff at Panda Pearl, we can work out exactly what we want and set things up like that! All-you-can-drink Bubble Tea is a given, and will be included no matter what, but what kind of food would you lovelies like? Should we do a pot-luck thing, or should we figure it out before hand? There's a nice T.V in panda, too, so we can watch a movie if we want (LOLkamikazegirls...), but if there's any gaming lolitas around, we can totally make use of an Xbox or a PS3 and play some games >D

It's a new place, and it's not very big, but the bubble tea is really good quality; they were trained by Bubble World staff, if any of you know that place ♥ plus the place would be exclusive for us, so no one would rain on our parade, haha~

i'd also like to think of some some other things you guys might want to do; we could maybe set up a sweets-jelewry making sort of thing, or maybe do a cupcake decorating thing instead of cake? I just want to think of a few things that we can all do together, so we don't find ourselves just sitting around, lolol~

Anyways, ideas, please! : D i'd love to hear what you guys want to do so it's fun for all of us~

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