C. (miawinner) wrote in egl,

[Oh no! Not another] Picture Request!

Actually, I didn't know whether to post this on egl_comm_sales, sew_loli, or on here. I posted on sew_loli, and I was told it would be better to post it here.

I'm actually beginning to start my first major sewing project, and I have a reference picture in mind, but I actually wanted to find that picture. The picture in question is a red plaid and black asymmetrical skirt.

It was from a seller on the comm sales that was selling the skirt in question. In the picture, she was wearing a black blouse, red Doc Marten-type boots, and was holding a silver/baby blue bass.

Also, in her post, she was also selling an offbrand(?) white OP with an iron-gate like print on the bottom and a red belt. There were also about three or four pictures full of different kinds of hair clips (different colored plaid bows, red/black/white skull). I had made an offer on the skull clips, but since it was awhile ago, my trash can in my inbox has already deleted it.

I have scoured all over the comm sales, and I haven't seen the posts. Of course, sometimes, CTRL+F doesn't really find everything.

If anyone knows what I'm talking about and can find the post(s), I would greatly appreciate it!

Found, thanks! ^_^

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