Jenny <3 (jennykempuk) wrote in egl,
Jenny <3

Lolita Kiss doll links (loads)

First you need a Kiss viewer

All files have been downloaded by me that are featured. All are Lzh files (I hate zip_)

Note; a few of these may have been posted before I’m sorry if they have

Gothic lolita this maybe more gothic inspired than Lolita but well worth a look This was one of the first dolls I downloaded
Not direct link. Huge file beware over 8MB. Lots of outfits, mostly gothic Lolita, some elegant, and some ball gowns. The flowers on the side are the navigation and hair changes Pirate with gothic Lolita influence.

Sweet Lolita
mostly sweet but some classic. No snap to. Special mention has to go to the musical note and cherry JSKs. Very sweet Awesome doll many colourful outfits. Snap too, and very small file music themed sweet Lolita [all blue outfits] snap too

Punk Lolita sweet , punk and egl sections. Snap too, and different eye colour / hair options

Casual Lolita more Goth/Punk than Lolita;However there are some puffy skirts and Lolita styled shoes, so maybe a Lolita influence to some degree? a reasonable amount of outfits, snap too, and some Hogwarts robes.

sorry am off to work but thought i'd post quickly before windows decides to explode

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