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Meh, Issues With Baby?

So about a week or two ago I e-mailed a mail order request to BABY asking if I could buy a JSK. I never received any kind of confirmation e-mail from them. This made me worry because I have purchased items from them in the past and they usually send the letter within at LEAST 3 days. Well I sent another e-mail after 4 days saying "Hello, did you get my mail order request?" And still no reply. TODAY I get this e-mail about how I never paid on time and blah blah they're going to blacklist me, blah blah. WTF?! They never even sent me a confirmation e-mail! I would have paypalled them the money if I knew how much to send but they didn't factor in the shipping or extra fees or whatever so I had no idea what the total was or else I would have sent it even w/o a confirmation e-mail. Uggggh. So what, I am on their blacklist now??

Did anyone else have this same problem? What should I do to avoid being blacklisted?

I sent them a message in reply saying something like "Dear Baby, I never received ANY confirmation after I placed the order. It's not my fault the e-mail system was down." Or something like that. I hope they can understand?


Edit, here is what they e-mailed to me:

"Dear Kate

We sent you the confirmation mail on 9th and 12th February.

But unfortunately, we have not received your payment and response, yet.

We ask our customers to finish their payment within 10 days.

The customers who could not keep the rule are listed on the black list and

it’s going to be difficult to accept the order after this.

Your order has canceled and we don’t have any stocks for you.

Thank you for your understanding."

So it seems they DID invoice me on the 9th and 12th but I never got it. I swear it's not GMail's fault b/c I have gotten stuff from them alright before and never had issues with receiving any e-mails from anyone!! It also did not go to my spam folder.
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