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Art Post=animation post

I'm not sure how many of our lovely artists (or anyone else, for that matter) out there have dabbled in animation (or would even want to go there), but there is new site that offers free animation software that could be summed up as "simplified adobe flash." It allows for you to save your animations to your hard drive as .swf files. I suppose the only real downsides to it is that you have to be online to work on things, and everything has to be done in the program, no copy+pastaing from other programs. Anywho, it's called and I suggest that everyone give it a whirl, it's a great deal of fun. And here's my recent piece (to keep this post on track):

NOTE: the animation bit starts around 32 seconds in, since I'm using it on as a hanging wall piece and I only wanted the animation to happen at lenghty intervals.

Memento Mori by dwyn, made at

I know that there have been Memento Mori shoots in the past, and my morbid curiousity always loves them, so this was a product of my affinity for post-mortem photography (memento mori) and spirit photos.

I have another loli animation in my gallery, but it's pretty clumsily done, which is why it's not posted here.
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