RayRay (silver_youko) wrote in egl,


Yesterday some of my friends and I gathered together to have a bit of a fun time.
(I'm hoping peoples don't mind me yanking some of their photos >.>)

Carolyn and Lawrence



Me xO

Me: "Oh, I have squid here. Who wants to eat my squid?"
Carolyn: "I'll try it!"

Verdict: not so yummy >.>

Then Janet finally gets her ita-tastic headdress from Bodyline!

Fun ensues.

Caitlin is such a lady :x

Because there must always be a picture of someone taking a picture. Its a mandate.

Carolyn gets her bday and xmas presents. Doll clothes!

One dress oddly matches Lawrence's sleeves.

Off to bowling!

Lots of shots from behind.

The lineup: Griffin, Chawlie, Potato Gen, Xanet, and RayRay!

Caitlin does dances to knock pins down.

Also, Carolyn ran, not knowing there was a step up, and faceplanted onto the floor, skinning her loli knees.

Most delicious dog in the world!

Most charming girl in the world :0

Stupid fun

Shoe shot!

Star shot!

Pile of icky shoes D:

Then it was individual pictures time at the Westbrook Outlets

And then we were all fatties with some motherfucking Coldstone

Nomnomnom. The end.
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