Duplica (duplica_chan) wrote in egl,

Dress for free? *_*

As usual I commented on many postings in several lolita-communities. One of these postings was about this bodyline jsk  and I said there that I like this dress very much.
Suddenly I got a message from gaslighthorror . She told me that she got this dress in a lucky bag and doesn't need it and she wants to give it to me as a present, because she doesn't want to sell it (because it's cheap at the bodyline site). I was really confused and secptical! I mean... a dress? for free?! ...

I told her that I don't live in the US, that I have no possibility to send her the money for the shipping (I don't own paypal ;_; ) and that I'm very thankful anyway for her offer! She didn't care about the money and sent me the dress to my parents' place.

Yesterday I received it. Well I don't have any of my lolita accessories here, except for some shoes and a blouse. I tried to do my best and now i can show you the pics of this dress, which has travelled around the world....

I put the "heart"-part away, because it looked strange with the blouse (and as I said, I have no other blouse here!!) XD
I also tried to make my hair like in this tutorial

I'm so thankful to you gaslighthorror</lj> ! I never met such a sweet person like you. If you ever come to Austria, please visit me! :D
thank you thank you thank you! Dankeschön!!! :D I will definitely take care of this jsk/skirt

I realized that my favourite dresses in my closet, are the dresses, which were presents. I could never sell them, I will love them to death. And this bodyline jsk/skirt...well.. it has definitely the most interesting story behind it.

Why am I posting this to egl? Because I want to share my happiness and the kindness of gaslighthorror
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