(orange milkman in disguise) (crownprince) wrote in egl,
(orange milkman in disguise)

Fixing JSK (removing tide to go)

I just noticed while cleaning my room that I have a stain on my BABY jsk, so today I decided to try and use some tide to go to do some temporary cleaning up. However, while I was in the middle of using the product, I noticed that the area in which I used it was getting lighter than all the other areas of my JSK (!!) so I rushed to the sink to try and wash off the remaining tide to go liquid. Now, as I hanging it to dry, it seems that the area is still lighter than all the other parts...

Am I just being paranoid at this moment, or is there any way I can fix it? (I usually keep my stuff in pretty pristine condition, so this is the first time where I was faced with a stain, and I decided to use tide to go in order to clean it up)
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