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MN Rufflebutts were on the MN public radio today!

A local reporter took up interest in our tiny little fashion! A couple months back she started to interview Samantha Rei from Blasphemina's closet about Lolita Fashion and designing ect.....and it ended up being a story not only on Lolita, but also on other  Neo Victorian fashions such as Steampunk and the like.

One night she actually came out with us to a fashion show and she interviewed scoundrelle, serendipitiiand me (ladyferg) about Lolita and Steampunk fashion. Scoundrelle and Winter_overature did WONDERFULLY!!! I ,on the other hand did NOT do so wonderfully..in fact.........I froze. I couldn't say a thing! (surprisingly I'm a bit shy in situations like that!) But thats ok because between blasphemina, Ryan, scoundrelle, serendipitii, and, a few others.....I think they all represented the the fancy community very well!! Here's the link! To the left of the page you can hear that segment of the radio show by pressing play (its much better to hear then to read)

***The reporter herself was very sweet and very interested. She covered the story well, yet...there was a few things she didn't quite "get" and I'm sure you will pick up on those little things  like I did. But she tried her best...and my friends did an  AWESOME job!!!!

*Cleaned up a bit! Sorry, I posted it pretty late last night and was kinda out of it. There were a few strange spelling and coding errors:/
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