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An Valentine Art Post?

Oh I hope I'm doing this right...

Anyhoo, I just finished this drawing. Originally I was suppose to have this colored for Valentines day, or as some of you would like to call "Single Awareness Day." Since it's too late now, I made it as a thank you gift for my watchers in Deviantart. I won the Sweet and Co. contest and won a necklace worth 30 dollars!!! It's beautiful. You should check their stuff out.

Anyhoo, the contest was to ask people to add Sweet and Co on DA on my behalf. the person who promotes the most people, wins. So basically it's on how much support one person has. I didn't expect to win, but I won, and I am soooo happy.

So this was a cute lolita drawing as a Thank You to my watchers on DA


It's not a perfect drawing, I didn't scan it. I took a picture with my camera and tried to deal with the lineart that way. Very hard to actually even get the lines looking somewhat decent. But It's okay :)

Did my best to show everyone on DA my thanks <3


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