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Valentine's Day

My friend Chelsie (bluecharm) and I went out this morning in lolita for Valentine's day before she went over to her boyfriend's school.

We started our day with breakfast

For some reason our dining hall had tiramisu for breakfast? But we didn't complain.

Then we left the college, for a small walk around town.

First we went to Green's, the local candy shop. We loved the candy boxes they had!

They all know us there. One of the workers knew we were coming and the owner was waiting for us at the door when we came. And then everyone mentioned how we hadn't been in a couple weeks. I think this may mean we like candy too much.

They did, however, tell us that they'd love to host a tea party for local lolitas! So, heads up to all of you Atlanta lolitas.

Homemade fudge ♥

Heliotrope is a rather odd store that has all kinds of things.

Like rose rings! They also had tons of perfume. One in particular that I wanted smelled like cake!

Waiting for the light to turn...

Then we made it back to campus for some outfit shots

Chelsie breakdown:
Blouse - Anna House
Bow Headband, Earrings, Bracelet - Claire's
Everything else - Offbrand [shoes]

Sara Breakdown:
Blouse, Parasol, Skirt, Apron - BTSSB
Petticoat, Sock toppers - Handmade
Everything else - offbrand [necklace 1] [necklace 2] [ring 1] [ring 2]

Thanks everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day!
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