the walking contradiction (angeron0) wrote in egl,
the walking contradiction

If you are going to Tokyo soon..

Durring my last trip to Tokyo (Jan 20th), We finally located the Closet Child in Shinjuku. We had tried once before, but were foiled.
The good news is, they now have HUGE sign on the side of their building. The old one was notoriously hard to find. Even with directions AND a photo, we couldn't find it. As soon as you walk under the train tracks from the East exit of Shinjuku station, you should see the sign on the bulding catty-corner from where you are standing.
I wasn't able to get any photos, but I wanted to let people who are going that it's much easier to find now.

Also, they had the AP cathedral print JSK. with tags !!!! =D

Sorry if this has already been discussed-I won't be offfended if this get deleted.
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