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one day in paradise shoe review

So i ordered these shoes in a 37/7/6/23

and just thought I should review in case someone else is wanting to order them. xD
I got  their smallest size, 37 and it says it is a size 6 US. im a 5 1/2 US and am usually okay with a 6 in lolita shoes because I only wear mega thick socks. The shoes however were (even after sock application) a bit  too big. not enough to kill so its fine.

I'd say with communication it was a perfect ten, every email was responded to in a day or less sometimes I clicked send and 2 minutes later I had my answer on my blackberry. She was sweet and nice the entire time and responded even to my stupid questions.

Shipping? 10 out of 10!! she sent me the list of all possible shippings and totals withought even having to be asked, and also gave me the option of marking it as a gift and lowering price for customs. I decide on the lowest one of course and even then they arrived to me in no time. I sent the payment on the 4th and recieved them on the 11th

Price? also 10/10 it was a good price for a good product, much less than any other shoes i've seen especially considering the excelent speed and service.  Also she contacted me about the fact that one of the shoes had a slight glue mark and if I still wanted that perticular pair she would lower the price. I said no problem after I saw pictures and when I got the shoe I could hardly tell there was a mark.

On to the pictures

they came in a thick envelope, the shoe box was wraped with bubble wrap, opened the box
and i was so scared they had bounced around and gotten scuffed, but the penuts did their job
they were even wrapped and padded individually. 

of course the first thing i wanted to look at was the dreade glue mark

bottom view, looks bad but its not at all

side view, you cant even see it especially when they are on, so glad i said yes. :)

shoe on my foot

back detail shot
the inside is pink and so soft, the insole is pinked around the edges, i love this detail.

the bottom of the shoe, in case this is important to any one XD, the little U seems like a pencil mark, maybe for inventory purposes.

Over all I love the shoes and cant wait untill my pinched nerve heals (long story) so I can wear them out. They actually give my feet the kingdom hearts look. Thin in back chubby in front. (I think it's adorable) but that is probably only because my foot is so damn thin and narrow, this happens to me with many shoes.

OH WAIT, one little thing, the top straps dont really cross

once again this might me because of my thin foot, (i dont see how but it could) and on the website it is this way as well on this style, but i though it was just because there was no foot in it. xD


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