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EPIC Sewing Post.


I seem to have a penchant for sewing in threes now. :)

 Here are my most recent works. The latest being the AP-replica headdress for my dear Lolita friend, ayako</lj>. The last being my Maroon Classic Floral JSK + matching headbow. So, I will begin from latest works. Enjoy!


This was for my friend, Ayako. I made it for her after hearing that she herself wanted to make it and was enlisting my help to buy the materials. But she had never really done sewing before. After having her send photos I thought to myself: 'I could make that in my sleep!' I bought the materials and cut out the pieces. 3 months go buy and I have just sewn the outside and kinda forgot about it....then another 3 months later I hosted a V-day Meet-up and decided to finish it for her. I actually redid it 2-3 times completely to add interfacing and also because I accidentally left it under my steam iron for more than a few mintues and ruined the nap of the velvet! :0 But I got it done and I will NEVER EVER SEW FUR AND VELVET TOGETHER AGAIN! UGHHH!

I don't think its my best work as it was perhaps one of the most frustrating things to sew in the past few months. Velvet has all those stupid fuzz balls and fur just tufts right out and sometimes sticks to the velvet. But I used better materials than AP: glass pearls, Swarvoski rhinestones and charms, and fox fur (which was a last resort).

Here are reference photos to the actual AP version:

Sweet-Goth Scalloped Skirt + Headdress

I made this for the Valentine's Day Meet-Up I hosted last Saturday. It was a project that helped me practice a new scalloping method that talia_speaksposted on the sew_loli</lj>community. It was a tad easier than what I usually did and for that I am thankful. Man, I really hate sewing scallops though. But I can't resist how pretty they look and in the end they are usually worth the labor. I made and designed this - using all the leftover fabric I had from my Sweet-Goth Batcat skirt and I used Eyelet lace for the first time in my life. :)

I made a headdress from the very last scraps of matherial. Here's what it looks like worn - don't mind the mess in my stuido room and PJ pants. I was super-excited and swept my newly completed skirt off my sewing machine and snapped a newb photo with my iPhone.

Maroon Classical Floral JSK + Headbow

This could have been a disaster but somehow I managed. I used 1.8m of fabric for this JSK and it was JUST enough. I barely have any fabric scraps left. I bought thos fabric the same time as that Classical Floral Skirt fabric seen here:

It was a printed cotton and rather thick and much more high quality than the ones I've bought in the past. This design took so many changes as I was fretting about how accomodate for the floral patterns. But I think it turned out okay. I'd give it a B+ in my book. I used raschel lace, venician lace, did shirring for the first time...and its the second JSK I've ever made in my life. Not bad.

But it will be sometime before I ever attempt a JSK again. I completely winged this one without a pattern...


I apologize in advance if this cut screws up. LJ Rich Text is making my browsers lag and freeze. :(

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