♣ momo aslkddjfjdkfjsbdsfd;; (antisaints) wrote in egl,
♣ momo aslkddjfjdkfjsbdsfd;;

yet /another/ couple bodyline questions.

First question: Can someone tell me exactly what's wrong with Bodyline's shoes, regarding sizing? Is it that the chart itself is wrong, or that the Japanese sizes run large or something? I know there was a pretty big fiasco where everyone got the wrong size shoes, so I'm pretty wary about ordering anything.

Second question: They have a size 24.5. Could a size 25 squeeze into them, or is that really pushing my buttons?

Thanks in advance for anyone who can offer me halp, and apologies in advance; this has probably been asked many a time before, but digging through entries and the search function didn't warrant any clear answers for me :(
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