Evy (yuffie_star) wrote in egl,

Zebi Toys K's Princess Review

I had heard about this place and decided to try it out.


Communication:  Great!  I emailed them in plain, as uncomplicated as possible English to see if they would accept an order.  I first asked them about shipping for two pairs of shoes, and they responded quickly.  I specified which ones I wanted, and they were able to tell me how much.  It was 310 HKD shipping for two pairs.  Their English seems to be good.  They accept paypal and quickly invoiced me as well.

Shipping/Packaging:  I ordered during New Year, so it took longer for them to send out the package.  They told me they would send it out after New Year's so I think they sent it out January 31st or February 1st, somewhere around there.  I got the shoes a week later, but the packaging could have been better.  They only wrapped it in paper and the paper was coming off.  They have fast shipping but bad packaging.

I'm not going to review the quality because Zebi Toys cannot control that.  The shoes are okay, by the way.  :)  Please excuse the non-lolita socks. 



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