Nellie (cthonical) wrote in egl,

AP Seriously Over-Estimating Sizing Now?

I've noticed this mentioned in a couple of threads. It looks like AP's newer lines (Miracle Candy, Sugary Carnival) are seriously over-estimating the bust measurement. Both JSKs are listed as up to 98cm bust... but that's definitely not true. I'm a 97cm bust and am still a few cms off the bust on Miracle Candy (as in, even stretching the shirring a bit the zipper edges have about four cm between them), and I assume Sugary Carnival is going to be similar.

It's okay for me, I've already lost 30cm off my measurements in the last ten months so I know in a couple more I'll fit it, but I know it might be disappointing for a lot of people if they think they'll fit because of the given measurements and then don't even come close when the dress arrives. Bustier lolis should definitely be aware of this sizing issue.
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