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Tiny Photopost: Peachie in Fruits Parlour

Hi lolita lovelies!

I'm often too shy to post pictures of myself but I'd really like some gentle crits on my outfit here. It's my loudest lolita outfit yet so I've been needing to gain more confidence before wearing it outside. ^_^

(P.S. Excuse my camera's not-so-wonderful quality; I've come to accept it just phails when indoors.)

Fruits Parlour:

Bigger Pic
First off- yes you can instantly tell it's the Bodyline Fruits Parlour version. A lot of people here said it was an ugly dress, but I really like it- especially once I removed all the pin-ons and customised the bow to make it smaller on my head teehee.
The socks are pink & black- sorry the camera likes to be super bright!
I am wearing a pink beaded bracelt on my left wrist.

The socks are what I'm mainly worried about- they're customised with black ribbons and I'm scared they look kind of off?
Alternatively I could use black socks and my pink lolita heels.

Oh btw about my hair- I'm too ill to style it amazingly every day and I don't like going to get it cut...
...But if you think I would look better with my hair better in 2 bunches or any simple hairstyle that doesn't require spraying/straighteners/curlers please feel free to give ideas!

My yummy strawberry bag which was a wonderful Christmas present from my friend. I saw it earlier in Claires and was like GASP LOLITA but had no money. XD
When I first got this it was filled with vintage sweets like lovehearts, swizzle lollies, parma violets etc!
(But I've almost eaten them all now ^^ )

I love that print, it's amazing! It glitters and all!

Thank you very much in advance!
Love and yummy sundaes,
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