Kathleen (delacroixian) wrote in egl,

Sizing Guides: Womens Shoes and Clothes. (minor edit)

I've been working on a website for quite a while, (a personal endeavour) which is aimed at being a resource for all things lolita such as guides about sizing and currency, information on how to order for certain brands and other things that are useful for everyone to know, with the working title "Hitch Hikers Guide to Gothic Lolita".

Kind of like a website purely for things worth of EGL memories. Obviously reviews will be omitted as there is a database for reviews.

The website is far from complete but one thing i got finished early was shoe and clothes sizing guides. As I noticed a lot of questions about shoe sizes i thought it would be good to post the guides up here.

Small edit: Clothes sizes are not dress sizes, Dress sizes are slightly different (for US and UK for sure). You can however still use the sizes below to estimate a dress size, Dress size chart is currently in process. I do believe that the Japanese do not have a different size for their dresses. but this is not confirmed yet. Thank you

The guides are created by finding the average from several sources so it is by no means accurate but is to be used as a guide so you can get a rough idea. Some countries such as the UK do not have a standard for sizing and it is set by individual companies depending on the trend (if people are obsessed with being skinny, they will turn a 10 into a size 8 without changing the measurements.) So I have calculated the most used sizes.

If you see any errors with these (such as i wrote 29 instead of 27 in JP shoe) then please tell me, In the meantime feel free to save the images for personal use and i hope it helps answer a lot of those "what size am i if i am #inches/cm big?" questions.

If anyone wishes to know more about the website or contribute, drop me a PM :)

Quick edit: Some of the sizes in the clothes chart are a little incorrect, As already stated please use this as a rough guide, not as a absolute. It will be far more accurate when the site is completed! Thank you for every ones input so far, it is extremely helpful.

TL;DR : These guides are incomplete and are posted here as a guide and to gather some feedback. Smaller sizes, larger sizes will be added and errors with certain sizes will be researched and fixed before the site is complete. Use these only as a guide and in no means a absolute size chart as there are still things to be ironed out! Please measure yourself and check your measurements before buying.

Thank you for everyone's feedback once again, it is making me aware of inconsistencies and bugs, as well as what people wish to be added. Please give me your opinions and personal experiences they are extremely helpful.

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