cimone (wonderfinch) wrote in egl,

Shoe Help?

I very recently purchased a pair of AP Tea Party shoes, and, while I love them to bits and pieces, there's a bit of a problem: They're too wide in the heel.

I have really narrow feet, so I'm used to shoes being way too wide on me, and I'd normally just slide an insole in the bottom and be done with it. But these shoes kind of pinch a little bit in the toe, and there's really no room for an insole. Heel inserts seemed like a safe bet, but the only pair I own has some nasty permanent sticky crap that I don't want all over my gorgeous shoes. I haven't really found a solution yet, and I'm just kind of stuck with an ENORMOUS blister on my heel.

Does anyone know of any brands/types of insoles that can improve the fit of a shoe in the heel, without taking up too much space (and without getting weird goop all over a perfectly nice pair of shoes)? Because I really love these shoes, but they're going to have to go if I can't find a moderately less painful way to make them work.

(And, on a side note, does anyone know why the pink shoes are mysteriously smaller than the white ones? I have a pair of each, and the white pair fits fine-- but the pink pair is KILLING me. Curiouser and curiouser.)
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