Victoria (crazisilverange) wrote in egl,

bodyline customer service review and DHL (kentaro sone)

Bodyline Customer Service

when you contact them, that there was missing items or damage goods. Realize that from their websites saids this
Exchange or return
Our shop dose not accept any exchange or return.

We donnot accept any return and exchange. Even if there have some mistakes from us.(for example,size have a little different with the product.)
Actual size of the clothes may be slightly different from the measured size, we do not accept return or exchange based on size miss measurement.

most of you know how disastrous my group order was not only are we missing two items but also a strap for one of the bags

so according to bodyline the missing strap is not replaceable "according to their policy" they can not issue you a refund. Even though I told them, I do not need a refund just send the strap with the two other missing items

Anyways, aside from that, they will never inform you what is going on or their plan of action. So you are left there wondering whats going on or when they will reply you. After pestering them more for dates they will reply and such, their replies become slightly snippy.

DHL - Kentaro Sone

He? seems to have better english, and better customer service, because he at least let me know what they are planning to do and when its done.  When check off each task they let me know.

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