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François Amoretti's autograph session's (feb.07)

On the 7th of february, the French illustrator François Amoretti held an autograph session in a Parisian art gallery. A lot of French lolitas gathered in the afternoon to get their Little red riding hood book signed and to chat and have fun!

François Amoretti drawing the wolf in my book! :)

Little Red Riding hood book + sticker + postcards and print

François' next main characters (Blancheneige and Rougerose) in his future book (will be released around july for Japan Expo)

While François was drawing, la_mome_neant had organised a game. We had to go "fishing" to get a gift!


I don't remember her name! :x

Julia is happy with her gift!

lolita orchestra!

There was a small Little red riding hood-themed drawing contest. Every contestant got a prize in the end (4 Chantilly/Atelier Pierrot postcards)

Céline and Julia were very focused on their drawings.
Céline won the 2nd place!

Melyssa and Jeanne. Melyssa won the 1st place!

petite_mitsu showing her master-piece

hatsumi_no_baka at work...

Me, addictive_sugar, oniplume and our drawings...
We did not win but we had fun!

We had a lot of time to chat and to do silly things too... I took loads of photos of course!

François and la_mome_neant

pogimilk, Kourai and sweet_yunie

Rose candle triplets!
Marine, sweet_misa, mon_amie_sadako

Melyssa the awesome girl working at Boddywood

Lilas a very nice girl with an awesome style who was kind enough to be the "bar tender" the whole afternoon!

sweet_misa and korrigan_gl



cafe_o_lait and sweet-loliz





hatsumi_no_baka and candy_mitsu

addictive_sugar and me

lorelei_mayrose and her friend


selenna and lsirial

lsirial and me

reine_du_rococo and mon_amie_sadako


hatsumi_no_baka, addictive_sugar and me

Silly photos!

addictive_sugar loves tea...

selenna and addictive_sugar trying to steal an Angelic Pretty dress lent by Boddywood for the event...

A camwhore is never tired when a camera is around!

lsirial loves mushrooms

lsirial taking herself for the wicked witch from Snow White...

Because selenna told me I somehow remembered her of Madame du Barry *no comment* with my half wig and the fur stole taken from addictive_sugar...

Julia is shocked by addictive_sugar's drawing!

Because we had to do it... last but not least:

Thanks for watching! There are some photos on François' blog, here
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