Linds Ham. <3 (oxxcyanidexxo) wrote in egl,
Linds Ham. <3

I need some advice!

Hi everyone!

Here's my dilemma...

My penpal, Saki, from Kyoto, has offered to help me order a skirt from the AP Japanese website, rather than hiring a shopping service... But, she's never used PayPal before.

She said that the AP website doesn't take PayPal as a payment option, so if I send her the money through PayPal, she wouldn't be able to pay for the skirt with the money in the PayPal Balance.

So, what should I do egl? Is there a better way to get her the money she needs to buy the skirt? Or am I just missing the picture completely?

Thanks so much, and I'm terribly sorry if my questions are dumb. Working with her to help her understand it is quite difficult!


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