Sarah Ruth (mint_cake) wrote in egl,
Sarah Ruth

Lolita Interiors

Hi Everyone ^___^,
I've been wearing lolita for about 7 years now. As I've progressed through the fashion, my interests have shifted more and more from lolita clothing to other facets of the "lolita lifestyle" so to speak. I'm not sure I believe in a "loli lifestyle" per say, but Lately I've been very interested in the concept of "Lolita interiors". I wanted to share photos of my personal "sweet lolita space" (my sewing room I've been working on), and pose a question for everyone. What would you constitute as your "lolita space", if you have one? Is it just the closet where you keep all of your lovely lolita clothing? an area in your home? A locker? or something else entirely? What is your inspiration for your space? A brand shop, vintage cottage, victiorian parlour etc?


The room- its a little space, but works well as a sewing studio and craft room. The theme is very consistent with the sweet lolita color pallete, lots of pastels, pinks, and whites!

Dress form area- great for displaying clothing and also working on sewing projects!

Picture display are- I tried to create a clean space by using only one color of frame- white. All the frames are from the budget efficent Ikea! :D
There are some loli themed photos, as well as others with vintage childrens postcards etc.

Fabric storage are doubles as knick-nack area. A great way to display vintage finds, and keep loli jewelry and craft projects stored!

Pink desk from Ikea, perfect area to sew~~~ :D
The chair is thrifted and spraypainted pink ^_^

My sewing room is also where I keep my loli closet. It's nice to have the space, and it makes my husband happy to have my clothing stored some where other then our shared closet! XP

Clock from Urban outfitters, and wall decals

Every space is covered as much as possible.. XD Even the little side panel has vintage thrift store frames, and the back door a hello kitty bullitin board.


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