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Picture Request

I'm hosting a Lolita panel at this up coming Megacon. I need pictures for the slide show, but instead of pilfering them from the GLB I would much rather have examples of real girls that are into the scene. I would truly appreciate being able to show a sampling of the creativity and beautiful coordinates and people that are out there.

What I'm looking for:
-Picture must be clear and of decent quality
-Pictures must be of only one person
-500/500px or larger

Under those parameters you can send me any style you'd like, but I'd like to be able to fill each of these sections:

-Basic outfits
Coordinate with a blouse + Skirt
Coordinate with Blouse + JSK
Coordinates representing the major styles
A few of the commonly used themes in Lolita

-Creative + Unique Coordinates
-Off-Brand Outfits
-Self-made Coordinate
-Brand Coordinate

If you'd like to help, feel free to email them to me at: Lovemuddud AT gmail DOT com

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