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Offbrand shoe and accessory finds

I'm currently sick and bedridden with a sinus infection (yuck!), so I can't really do much besides muck about on the internets.

Thus, I thought I'd put my mucking and internet-shopping-fu to good use and share some adorable offbrand finds with you guys. These are just some things I happened to find that I thought would coordinate well with lolita. I hope you like them!

Let's start with the shoes. I am an absolute shoe addict, and as such I spend a good deal of time *coughinclasscoughcough* internet-window-shoe-shopping. Here are some of my favorite finds:

Payless Kimberly Mary Jane Pumps: $19.99
I have these, and I adore them. They are great staple lolita shoes.

Brilliant Lug Bottom Mary Jane: $17.99
I think these would be great for casual lolita, or girls who can't/don't like to wear heels.

alice + olivia for Payless Erica Sweetheart Mary Jane Pump: $38.00
While a bit pricier than the rest, I love the unique cut of these shoes. The white piping makes them great for retro-styled outfits.

American Eagle Patent Crystal Ruffle Pump: $27.99
How GORGEOUS are these?! Also available in black.

Classified Zona Pumps: $17.99
I think these would be nice with a casual, classic outfit. Cute brown shoes are hard to find!

Madden Girl Posiee Pumps: $17.99
Classic with perhaps a touch of steampunk? Love them!

Michael Antonio Nora Pumps: $16.99
Beautiful classic maryjanes. Also available in black.

Madden Girl Eastern Pumps: $17.99
Similar to the first pair I posted; simple, classy, and cute...and even cheaper!

Soda Edoko Wedges: $18.99
I am absoultely, hands-down in LOVE with these shoes. I think they'd be great for casual or even gothic styles.

Now for some accessories:

Forever 21 Double Key Necklace: $5.80
I'm obsessed with key motifs, so this is right up my alley.

Forever 21 Floral Arrangement Necklace: $8.80
A beautiful floral necklace with faux pearls; comes in silver or gold.

Forever 21 Puffed Heart and Coin Bracelet: $4.80

Forever 21 Rose Antique Ring: $6.80
Also comes in teal and coral.

Forever 21 Painted Rose Cuff: $5.80

Forever 21 Faux Pearl Bow Bracelet: $5.80

Forever 21 Heart Charms Elastic Bracelet: $6.80

Forever 21 Studded Flower RIng: $4.80

Forever 21 Beaded Ornament Necklace: $8.80

Forever 21 Double Pendant Rosary: $10.80
For the gothic lolitas who can't afford a Moitie Rosary XD

Forever 21 Romance Charms Necklace: $7.80

Forever 21 Jeweled Rose Bobby Pins: $3.80
Also available in magenta and coral.

Forever 21 Silk Rose Hairclips: $2.50
They come in sets of two, including the perfectly Moitie-esque blue and black!

Forever 21 Colored Bow Hairclips: $1.80
Also available in blue.

IF you don't feel like accessorizing your entire wardrobe in F21 alone (though you certainly could!) here are some other finds:
How about tiaras for the hime-lolitas?

Cutesygirl Cinderella Silver Tiara: $12.99

Cuteseygirl Pearly Princess Silver Tiara: $12.99

Cuteseygirl DIamond Shine Crystal Mounted Tiara: $14.99

Princess Crown Hair Decoration: $5.99
A mini crown! Only 3" wide by 1.5" tall.

Rhinestone Encrusted Crystal Shine Tiara: $12.99

Blossom Diamond Shine Tiara:$12.99

One of my favorite shops, Modcloth, has some adorable loliable accessories. I was also recently asked to model for them, so I may be getting a sweet employee dicount! XDD

I don't know about you, but I think gloves are a super-cute addition to a lolita outfit. How about these darlings:

Girly Girl Gloves: $12.99
In bubblegum pink, pefect for you sweet lolitas!

Cyndi Lauper Gloves in Ivory: $12.99
Nothing is more classic than a beautiful pair of delecate crocheted gloves.

White Poise Gloves: $12,99

Betsey Johnson Bow Timepiece: $94.99
Much pricer than my usual fare, but it was too cute to pass up!

May Flowers Umbrella: $29.99
Stay dry AND look beautiful doing it!

Renaissance Cameo Ring: $13.99
Also came with a black cameo, but it's sold out. =(

Miss Mary Mack Necklace: $79.99
Again, pricey, but adorable!

Home Tweet Home  Necklace: $15.99
Perhaps a moderately resonable alternative to the coveted Supporate System birdcage necklaces?

Antique Blue Rose Tights: $26.99
Potentially tricky to coordinate, but if done right I think these could be awesome!

Polka Dot Party Tights: $14.99
A bit difficult to tell in the picture, but they have teeny tiny mini polkadots on them!

Pocket Watch Necklace: $24.99
I believe it was Innocent World who made pocket watch necklaces a while back?

Then, of course, there is the potential goldmine that is Etsy. Though pricey, user Aranwen makes some beautiful things. Here's a link to her shop.

And some of my favorites:

Victorian Black Necklace: $25.00

I cannot even begin to tell you how in love I am with this gorgeous thing. But for $230.00...I don't think it's coming home with me anytime soon. =(

I hope I've at least given you some pretties to look at. ^^


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