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Lolita-inspired Jewelry

The past few months, I've been making a lot of jewelry to wear with lolita, and also to sell on the community. Something I noticed was that while a lot of brands do work with pearls and crystals in chains, not many of the crafty lolitas on the community have been doing all too much of it. Since I really like that style of jewelry, that's primarily what I've been working with, and thought I'd share some of the things I've made with everyone. Click the smaller images on the side to go to enlarged versions.

Heart Lock Pearl Collar

This piece originally was something I made to sell. I made a set with this collar and bracelet for a friend, and someone else asked for a copy of it. The order eventually fell through and I didn't make the bracelet, but held on to the collar because I really do like it, though it's not something I wear myself.

Black Rose Rosary

This rosary was also originally intended for sale. It's closer to my style and I have actually worn it out once for a photoshoot, but otherwise have kept it in its little baggy. All of the links in the chain were hand made with eye pins and the left over parts I snipped off. It was the first time I had used round nose pliers so extensively.

Teddy Bear Pearl Necklace

Sometimes, when I'm out, I find jewelry that I think has a really cute pendant, but a really ugly chain or fixture. Sometimes, I'll buy the necklace or bracelet or whatever it is, just to refit it. I made this necklace with a pendant found in that manner, and designed it with the intent of being worn under a really full, very sweet Peter Pan collar. I should have changed blouses for the photo to demonstrate that, I think. It really does look very cute under a broad collar!

Pearl Chain Rose Collar

Another instance in which I remade something I thought could look nicer. This necklace started as a elastic band bracelet with nothing but the pink crystals and the rose. Since it had a nice fitting that made it possible to make the rose into a collar (those are hard to find, too!), that's what I did with it.

Bow Pendant Pearl Necklace

Yet another pretty pendant I found and thought would look nicer on a decorative chain. This one I did just last night, and probably spent two hours bending the links for. I wanted it to be sweet, but not so sugary as to be impossible to wear with anything else, so I added black to the pink and white, and used eye pins that weren't as bright a silver as the one used for the rose collar.

Most of, if not all of, these pieces will be going up for sale in the next day or two, along with several others.
I hope you enjoyed my photos, and thank you for looking!

[ETA]: These items are now for sale on the community sales for those interested (
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