LeylaFashion (magicleyla) wrote in egl,

for the ones who like hime: Bumpits scammers?

Hi there a couple of weeks ago I've orderd them from www.bighappiehair.com / www.bumpits.com  but I never got them :s
I've email them asking if they shipped my items but never got a reply, I filed a claim with paypal and they still didn't replyed me,
now I have upgraded the claim, I hope I get my money back.. or still get the items..
When I orderd I got a link to the status of my order, but that page is blank.

I am wondering if this happend befor??
Are there also people who did got the items?

Untill this is fixed I suggest not to order from them, since it could be that they started to scamm buyers :s
I should have just bought them from Ebay wich is a lot saver!

EDIT: They finally replyed and say I should get my items comming week.
Lets hope this is true.

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