momosugarhime (momoco) wrote in egl,

Valentines Exchange UPDATE:

Hi, EGL : )

As I'm sure some of you can tell, I've been in up to my ears with stuff to do lately, so I've had next to no time to check up on anything at all EGL wise. HOWEVER, : D I'm still totally hyped for our Valentines event; a little behind, but still excited, and still fully dedicated to putting it on.

I'm extending the date to Sunday, February 9th. Originally, I said I'd close the event on the 7th, however, I also said I'd post once or twice more to remind people about this and have not had the chance, and I want to be fair.

I am behind. I will get back to you; I'm also going to reply to you, at this point, if I have NOT received information. (I'll tell you so, don't worry). I apologize for all of these delays, and I'm going to work as hard as I can to make things run smoothly. I'm home all day long tomorrow, and am feeling a little bus dizzy from being on a charter for 6 hours today, so I won't work on this tonight, but I promise I will tomorrow.

Thank you so much for being patient, EGL! ♥ I really hope you can understand.
(that's the original post; if you'd like to sign up, please check there!)


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