Emmy (minarin) wrote in egl,

Looking for cute lingerie

Hello! This isn't directly related to lolita, so I understand if this post will be deleted.

The reason I'm posting here is because I'm looking for something lolita/cute-inspired, so I think lolitas here would be able to help me.

What I'm looking for is "cute" lingerie and/or sleepwear. Not sexy, not all that revealing, but CUTE. I'm basically looking for something hard to find because the general idea of sexy is...not cute. So, I'm looking for things that could be described as: ruffly, cute, adorable, innocent/youthful, feminine (but not too much pink), etc.

Sites I've already gone through completely: Victoria's Secret, La Senza, La Vie en Rose, Amazon, etc. I've got some pretty good success, but I still want to find some more options & get the opinion from lolitas: girls who tend to like cute, colourful, frilly things :3

I'd prefer to be able to buy it in the US/Canada, but if it really is hard to find...then I guess international will have to do.

I'm also looking for everyday/casual clothes of the same cute nature. This is somewhat easy to find in the North American market, but I don't mind Asian shopping sites. There's some decent stuff on Forever21 and Charlotte Russe, but I'm just looking for more sites to browse.

Thanks so much <3
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