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Oregon Lolita Chocolate Fest Meetup

This past weekend some of the Oregon lolitas had our second annual Chocolate Fest meet~

A bunch of us attended Chocolate Fest last year, so we all planned to meet again! There were a ton of people!

Victoria picked me up. What a sweetie! She's still the queen of myspace angles while driving!
I am not the queen, a jack, or even the court jester, so you do not get to see my car picture. XD

We found a lot of people when we arrived! Isn't Sarah so cute?!

Ashley's pretty perfeeeect!

The back of her hair & her hairbow were really cute, too!!

D'aaw, Renee with the entry sticker on her nose. They said "I LOVE CHOCOLATE" on them. We sure do!

Why is Evie so hot? D: STOPIIIT!!

Blahh. D: I have an eyepatch. XD I need to push that bow back, gurl!

An AMAZING lollypop necklace! She made it, isn't it to cute?!

FFFFFFF Renee is so cute!

Rikki & her friend!

Pretty much never seen anyone look better in those damn glasses. I R jealous ;3;

Ashley & Victoria are such dorks!! XD

Sanada is so cute! ;3;

I am grossly jealous of Sarah's hair. She's so pretty!

I like how it looks like Ashley is petting Victoria's head, at this angle...xD;

So cuute! Heather is adorable!

Victoria is amazing!

We found Ruby!! <3

❤ ❤ ❤

So silly!


Wine is delicious, no?

Renee's hair was pretty amazing! ;3;

Weird picture from inside a tunnel. XD

Victoria inside the gift shop.

Ashley looking longingly into the distance as Sarah leaves. :(

Chocolate Fest wasn't as fun this year, so we kinnda left early!

Later, we went to the maaaall....xD;; We didn't do much there, though, other than eating...

...and finding some furries.
I thought lolitas meeting furries was only supposed to happen at anime conventions?!

Everyone, being amazing in the car. XD

Outfit shots!

Ashley is so cuute! I love her handmade jumper!

Victoria's jumper is handmade, too!~

Renee was sooo cute this day!

Ilu Holly!!

Evie is AMAZING!!

Jen is like the best seamstress eveeeer. ;3;

We interrupt this lolita outfit broadcast to bring you: Extremely amused child!!

Sarah always looks so great!

Rikki is adoarabllle!

Heather!! Iluuu

Me, hahha. xD;

Sanada's handmade jumper is really pretty, too!! (Please let me know if I'm spelling your name correctly! I sick sometimes. x.X; )


Her necklace is preeetty much the best thing ever XD

Katie and her friend!

I might have missed a few, but these are the only outfit shots I got! ;3;

I leave you with:

Pretty much, this is amazing. I hate that I'm right in the center making a retarded expression, though. D:

Unintentional, but I love how Jen is jumping around, and then her expression when I zoom back up to her face. I think you can tell this, by the fact that I laugh really fucking loud at that point in the video. XD;

After this the meet sort of started to disperse! I went with some of my friends to a commercial shoot for a local popular band that some of the lolitas are friends with, The Slants! We were part of the audience for the commercial. xD

The set

I was pretty amazed at how many lights were set up. I'm a film student, and I'm used to setting up...oh...three point lighting...with three lights. WHAT IS THIS?!?!

Jen doing some important texting! XD

Me and Victoria being silly~

Taking some pictures of Simon & Aron. xD

They were still setting up at this point.

Sound check was loud, so we went outside the studio. xD


I found this room with many buttons interesting..xD; but Renee is also cute! XDD


Some of the footage for the commercial thing/ TV spot was already posted online, so here are two YouTube videos!
Note: I did not make these, they are taken from The Slants youtube page, and are their property. :3

Then we disspersed even more. xD

On the way home, making fun of some poorly rendered murals. XD

Our friend, Spork, being amaziiing.

Looks like Spork is getting some sweet sweet mural action, right here.

I'm not sure if my favourite part about meeting this drunk guy while making fun of this painting is the "ABRAHAM!" part, or the "I've got one for ya. Martin......Martin :("

CEILING CAT. At dinner. Need I say more?

Pretty much the best brownie ever. I like how this was, like. The first time I ate this day. XD

And I guess that's all she wrote!
(When you have a lot of lolita friends, the meet never ends!!)

Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful rest of your day!❤

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