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Closet-Child Cart system - ANSWERED THANK YOU

 Hello ladies,

sorry if this has been asked before (yes, the usual ha ha ha). I used the Search EGL function but the posts it lead me to that were the closest to what I'm looking for seem a bit outdated so yes, here I am, begging for your help again. I'm sure this has happened to you girls. You know, when you send an email to Closet-Child in order to buy something like they tell us to do, foreigners? Well I sent them my email to reserve a JSK and a scarf. One hour later, the JSK is sold out...I hate this, it just ruined my day. So I would like to ask you, is it possible to use the cart system rather than the email one? Have anyone tried?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Answered, thank you!
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