Osoroshii Sales (osoroshii_baby) wrote in egl,
Osoroshii Sales

Missing Package Panic!

I ordered some items from Strapya on the 31st.  They were shipped soon after and EMS updated their progress until it left Tokyo on the 4th (Japanese time)  Well, since then EMS hasn't updated the status... this is unlike EMS, because usually it is updated every step of the way -- arriving in the states, entering and exiting customs, etc.  And it's updated every day -- I've never seen EMS go a day without updating.

Well the status wasn't updated... I kept checking and checking but got nothing.  So I tried tracking it through the USPS website.  Through that tracking it said that my package was delivered and signed for by "T KINMHW."

So now I'm in a panic -- I've got no package and I don't know anyone named T KINMHW.   I have no idea what to do!

I hope I don't sound whiney to anyone... this is just the first time I've ever ever had a problem with EMS and I'm super worried that I'll never see my package!

EDIT -- I called the post office again (and this time got somebody very friendly!)  As it turns out, I wasn't home when the package was delivered so it was brought back to the post office.  I don't know why the first lady couldn't figure that out... but I'm too happy to be upset anymore!  Thank you for all of your helpful advice!  I'm glad this turned out to be such a small issue...

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