☆Leah (izdizloli) wrote in egl,

Fan + Friend Question

I was looking at this jumper and in the first picture the gauze on the bottom looks fine in the black, but in the other colors, they show a jacked up lace type thing in place of said gauze. I'm pretty confused as to which material they use for the other colors. I want the pink one, but in the pictures it's got the lace crap. Does anyone have this dress? If so, does the lace look as crappy as it does on the internet? I can email them to see if the gauze comes in white so they can use that instead, right?

Here's a link: www.fanplusfriend.com/servlet/the-549/Gothic-Lolita-Exquisite-Rhinestone%26Dotted/Detail

First picture:

Second Picture:

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