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Best fabric shaver to remove pilling/balling?

So I need to remove some pilling/balling (whichever term you prefer! XD) from a few pairs of socks I have. But I'm scared of using one of those fabric shavers. ._.

What fabric shavers do you guys use? I've seen a lot of people mention using them here, but I don't know what brand is considered the best/most gentle. A quick google search makes it clear that some of them are NOT good and can put holes in your clothing, so I didn't want to just run out and buy one.

I know there's some type of a pumice stone you can buy for balling too, but I'm not sure if they work well.

Tips? :D

PS: Any tips on removing lace from a dress would be appreciated, too. I'm not good with this kind of stuff! >_>
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