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If you can't laugh at yourself, you're in the wrong fashion.

The other day, I was browsing through my very dead and very abandoned deviantart account, when I came across a few images of lolitas that I had drawn/pixelled. It got me feeling very nostalgic, and wondering... were there more? So, I checked through the files on my computer and came across a lot of very bad, awful lolita pieces I've created over the years.

So... here, for your pleasure, is that glorious timeline of Very Bad Lolita.

And I use the term "lolita" very loosely. It's just that awful.

06/25/2002 - It's pretty bad when a girl dressed in lolita looks to be about five.
(Base by Pixel Punks.)

06/26/2002 - Orange dress, black makeup and shoes, and bright blue hair. It totally matches, come on.
(Base by AVSquad.)

06/26/2002 - What do you mean 'garters aren't lolita?'
(Base by Pixel Punks.)

06/26/2002 - Short dress is short. The ankle socks really help this look!
(Base by Tracey.)

06/28/2002 - Gothloli looks angry. But I'd be angry too if my dress were covered in bad lace.
(Base by Pixel Punks.)

06/29/2002 - I think she's supposed to be a classic lolita, but this dress' design just plain confuses me.
(Base by Pixel Punks.)

07/27/2002 - Mickey Mouse goes lolita?
(Base by Charlotte... I think?)

08/03/2002 - I think this girl is rabid. And the bad thing is, she was good enough to win a contest.
(Base by our very own xmordecaix.)

08/11/2002 - I am so digging the bonnet. Also, my brain cannot comprehend the way headdresses work.
(Base by Charlotte... I think?)

09/18/2002 - I really wonder what was going through my mind when I kept putting ankle socks on lolitas.
(Base by Freakyzoids.)

09/25/2002 - The only thing lolita about this is her headdress. Her very badly drawn headdress.
(Base by Tracey.)

10/07/2002 - The dress, while a little flat, isn't awful. I'm mortified, however, by the completely dead capelet.
(Base by K.)

10/08/2002 - My thinking is... long bloomers make up for ankle socks? It must be true, right?

01/12/2003 - ???

01/18/2003 - I tried my hand at paint chat. Let's just pretend it never happened.

08/21/2003 - Casual lolita gone wrong.
(Base by Pixel Junkies.)

04/26/2004 - Getting a little better here. Even though the strawberries on the print look like they were drawn by a three year old. At least she's got nice shoes on.
(Base by Midsummer Dream.)

01/06/2005 - As if butchering strawberries wasn't enough, cherries had to suffer, too.
(Base by Dollicious.)

05/04/2007 - Finally, a lolita that did... his... hair. Yeah.
(Base by Chocotini.)

01/16/2009 - And this is my latest... not strictly lolita, but heavily inspired. At least it's an appropriate length and she seems to have a petticoat on.
(Base by mouldyCat.)
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