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reminder to r.s.v.p. for the san antonio meetup

Just a reminder, the last day to r.s.v.p. for this event is saturday!
Sorry for the lack of awesome photoshop, i don't own it and haven't tried it and generally don't know how to do that stuff. On to the meetup! here is the information:
date:February 28th
time: 12:00pm
location: british sensations

here is their website:

I just got off the phone with the lady who owns it. basically there is a high tea option which costs 13 dollars that gives you a variety of finger sandwhiches and the like as well as some tea. you can buy scones, soups, and various other british food a la carte which ranges from 5-13 dollars which seems resonable to me. they are in the process of moving but will be ready to take us in by this date. so while they are rearranging i'd thought i'd get the word out so we have an exact amount of who is coming so i can callback and reserve the place for us. they have a patio area and an outdoors area sectioned off for tea parties..if you have a preference please list.

tea time ends at 3pm here, so this way we can take as long as we want. after we are done we can decide where we would want to go to for a photoshoot or another activity. you can bring any gift items or giveaway items if you want, but they are not necessary. this is more of a get together and get to know all the loli's in san antonio.

Please Saturday, February 7th!!
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